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Amrita’s experience of yoga started in secondary school when she was studying in India. After years of on and off engagement, she developed a regular practice in her twenties, finding it good medicine for fatigue, pain and anxiety that had come with a recent autoimmune illness diagnosis.

A medical doctor in her day job back in the UK, Amrita cherishes the true value yoga has brought her in appreciating the infinite uniqueness and variation in the human body. She always aims to respect this uniqueness in her classes.

By understanding how the physical self, nervous system and mind are in constant interplay, Amrita hopes to use yoga practice as a gateway to strengthening, healing and balancing the body.

She hopes students can use her classes to connect with just moving, breathing and making friends with their own bodies - and maybe even finding some lightheartedness and release along the way.


Amrita's teaching dates: December - early January 2024 (future dates tbc)

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