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Batara Gat Baya

Batara Gat Baya is from Agusan Del Norte, Philippines.

He is a traditional Filipino healer and mediator of the spiritual and physical worlds, having been called by the spirits at a young age. Living an alternative lifestyle that is deeply connected to his indigenous roots and cultural practices, through his work as a traditional healer and Spirit mediator. He strives to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of his people.

He is also one of the founders of a Diwataan (Animism) group called TRIBMAKA, a private organization focusing on re-living pre-colonial spirituality. 

He is known for his expertise in the following:

GABAYBAYIN - A reading process, which he developed himself. This spiritual reading involves interpreting messages from spirits guides and ancestor spirits through the use of Philippines traditional characters called Baybayin.

HAYAHAY Meditation - A Filipino-based meditation technique that honors inner self, own soul, and physical body.

Traditional bamboo flute player

Diwata Sculptor 

He strongly believes that while it is okay to embrace foreign and modern knowledge, one should never neglect their cultural origins.

Youtube @Batara'sAlternativeLifestyle

Facebook @BataraOfficial

IG @batara_gat_baya


Batara Gat Baya
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