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Daria is a vinyasa, hatha and AcroYoga teacher, and a Thai Massage practitioner interested in holistic living, spirituality and Ayurveda.

Experiencing the transformative power of yoga, Daria started practicing regularly and immersed herself in its philosophy a few years ago. She completed a 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa teacher training in Bali, followed by a Traditional Thai Massage course.

Daria's desire for growth led her to trade her corporate job for solo travel adventures to embrace self-discovery and connection. It was through her travels that she discovered what brings her fulfilment: creating a sense of community and sharing her love for yoga and mindfulness with others.

Daria's talents extend beyond the yoga mat. She has experience in hosting women's circles, cacao ceremonies, arts and crafts workshops and ice baths - events that bring people closer to each other and themselves.

Her purpose in life is to help people grow and guide people towards a more peaceful and joyful life.

IG: @daria_ratajczyk


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