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Emily is a calm, creative, free spirited and passionate yoga teacher.


She is a nature enthusiast, inspired by the essence of the Earth, surrounding Waters and encircling elements.


Her classes are an opportunity to move through a creative fusion inspired by nature’s rhythms; welcoming in the all-encompassing, yielding through soulful yoga flow combined with embodied exploration and flow-state movement. Inviting in a space to embrace the experience of moving with presence, trust and authenticity.


Join Emily where she will guide you through embodied practice to ground and connect with the breath and sensations, allowing space for listening the whole body and mind and to surrender to the moment.


Emily’s massage treatments are holistic, intuitive, rejuvenating and relaxing using a fusion of bodywork techniques from both East and West.


Emily’s holistic journey began at the age of 15, her yoga practice being a place to move with expression and grace, to explore sensation and feel into contentment.


This planted a seed that continued to grow and flourish with ever-deepening curiosity on her travels across the globe including India, Thailand and Bali, where she spent several months at a time staying in, studying and working with yoga communities further exploring the roots of yoga, the power of connection with the Universal flows, and movement-breath awareness. 


Studying Physiotherapy at University she was influenced by how deeply beneficial movement and mindfulness are on mental and physical wellbeing. Inspired to delve deeper Emily trained in Embodied Yin™ with Satu Tuomela - exploring Somatics & Embodied Anatomy and Massage with Jing Advanced Massage Training - The Jing Method™ blends the best of advanced bodywork techniques from both East and West.

IG: @seaflowyoga

Emily's teaching dates: October 2023 (2024 dates tbc)

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