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Piper Montag

Piper is a passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and student from Australia. As a 500 RYT she has learnt, and continues to learn, the practice of Yoga from some of the best teachers all over the world. She has trained in Vinyasa Yoga and done further short courses in the Art of Sequencing, the Yoga Sutras and arm balancing. 

Piper is also a final year student doctor back home in Melbourne, studying to be an Integrative Medicine Practitioner. She uses her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology from a Western medicine perspective, blended with her interest of Ayurveda from her time studying in India, to support her students and adapt the practice to their unique body in each moment. 

When practicing with Piper, expect an intelligently designed Vinyasa Krama sequence that allows you to use Asana, Pranayama and Meditation practices to go a little deeper within yourself. Piper seeks to bring lightness, curiosity and playfulness to the practice which helps new students feel at ease and experienced practitioners inspired to progress their practice. Beyond teaching, Piper truly loves being a student of yoga. Her daily yoga practice is sacred, and offers her time to explore embodied movement, breath, playfulness and access deeper layers of her self.



Piper Montag
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