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Embarking on a global journey in 2016, Rafa has traveled the world in pursuit of diverse flavors and healthier choices to integrate into his diet.  Acting as a guide, he joyfully shares innovative ways to enjoy these ingredients with his students, transforming culinary experiences into opportunities for well-being.

Simultaneously fueled by a passion for holistic wellness, Rafa has cultivated expertise as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Animal Flow Instructor. With a foundation in Karate since childhood, he brings discipline and mindfulness to his fitness approach.

Specializing in flexibility and mobility training, he crafts a complete well-being solution, intertwining sport and nutrition for transformative, lasting results.

His true joy lies in guiding individuals toward a better version of themselves through simple habit changes, fostering meaningful shifts in their lifestyles.

IG: @yogimonkeylab


Rafa and his partner, Vane, will be teaching classes and workshops at DRYFT from January 2024

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