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Valerie Young

Val describes herself as a Magic Fairy Soul:) In other words, she’s an eccentric and adventurous free-spirit who loves frolicking around in nature, traveling the world, and spreading love and magic! At 31 years young, she’s spent most of her adult years so far working in the medical field as an Osteopathic Doctor, specializing in the holistic healing art of Osteopathy. Her passion for holistic body work is what led her to pursue further training in Reiki energy healing, Wuo Tai Massage, as well as Yoga. 

She completed an intensive 250+ hour yoga teacher training at Caribe Yoga Academy in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica in January of 2022, and since then has been growing and expanding along her yoga journey within her own practice and as a yoga teacher.

Val loves to weave together her passions for Yoga, Osteopathy, Reiki, and Wuo Tai Massage to create spaces that empower the body’s innate healing mechanisms and bring balance to mind, body, and spirit. She is so excited to be a part of your journey and time of expansion!

IG @magicsoulfairy


Valerie Young
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