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DRYFT VILLAGE: 1 year live/work lease

The DRYFT Village is our new co-working/living community on Darocotan Island, El Nido, Palawan. We are accepting residents on a discounted presale for 2022-2023. 

Dryfters have a choice of how much they get involved, but we're seeking those who want to help shape what the DRYFT Village will become.

Digital Dryfters, looking to connect with the outside world from our
co-working paradise, will find the true meaning of work-life-balance. 


What's Included


3 Meals per Day

DRYFT JAN2020-0157.jpg

Co-working Space


Yoga & Wellness


Community Engagement

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.01.00 PM.png

Dryft Events

The Rooms

The Hive

w/meals, activities, & yoga

Spacious, cool, and comfortable, the Hive is an architectural art piece. These psychedelic structures come with a ceiling fan, power for a good night's sleep and an experience you'll never forget.

$1,600: 2 person/month

$1,300: 1 person/month

Worried about island fever?

We allow you to rent out your hut to short staying guests while you're away, giving you 50% of the nightly rental. This allows you to completely cover the monthly rent and even earn extra income!


Dryft Darocotan Island




Very Happy Guests

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Praise for Palawan


#1 Best Island in the World 2020

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10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World 2019

#1 of 12 Best Island in the World 2019

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Best Islands in the World: Readers Choice 2019


DRYFT Village Contact Form


Island Life

The private island community for bored creatives and burned-out professionals who want to make a difference.  

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We are a team, passionate about our mission to grow a self-sustaining society of the island of Darocotan that values community and unimpeded creativity above all else. We love to dream, and always dream big. 

Celebrate life on Darocotan

Who is it for?

For those that need a break from the “real world”. Escape the hustle while  kicking back in an island community that cares about creating a better future.



If you're dreaming of stepping away from your complex life, looking for a chance to breathe on an island paradise, the Dryft Village is the place you're looking for. Surrounded by nature and like-minded people, this is your chance to relax, reassess, and recharge. 



Entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen. People who embrace the challenge of taking ownership and building something beautiful, from scratch. We are a village of makers who value unhinged creativity and community above all else. Those who feel the same will find themselves right at home. 



There is no greater gift than knowledge. We believe everyone poses insight worth sharing and made this core to our community. Everyone in the sabbatical will be asked to share their expertise with Dryfters and the Teneguiban locals. We open our sabbatical to academics, on leave from their institutions, to educate while they research from our island.



Those who can't stay put and have the freedom to work remotely from one of the most beautiful islands and "offices" you'll ever dream to find.

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The ones who want to make a difference contributing their time towards helping out in our island community, creating a better future, and helping define Paradise with Purpose.

DRYFT FEST-0020.jpg


If you're thirsting for inspiration, looking for the perfect environment to unleash your creativity, the Dryft Village is the perfect place for you. An extended stay on Darocotan island is exactly what you need to unlock your next masterpiece.

Case Studies



Hair Stylist

Vimal’s background in hair and beauty has meant he is a mainstay in the fashion week circuit at London, Paris and Milan. Next to Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, his personal clients include the band of U2. After discovering the island, Vimal chose to work on the island all year outside of his fashion week commitments ensuring guests and staff have never looked better thanks to his creative talents.


Fashion Designer

The socio and environmental harms of fashion are well documented thanks in part to society’s constant demand. Having previously worked with GAP and Old Navy, Indy’s goal was to be creative and give back to those around her without inflicting further harm. She creative bespoke tailor made items of clothing from previously worn clothes - the results were a collection of clothes are very suited the Dryft way of life.




Juca joined our band of Dryfters, bringing his impecable eye and knack for capturing the perfect moments. Over the course of his sabbatical, he helped build an archieve of beauitful images, many of which can be seen in this campaign, we will treasure for a lifetime. While he’s away from Dryft, Juca is on the crew and cast of a German TV series.


Yoga Teacher/Massage Therapist

Candice took a leave from her life in Sydney Australia, pausing her yoga studio, searching for an alternative to the big a city. She brought with her an infectious energy and spirit that lifted up Dryft Camp and made us all more Zen. While on the Dryft Sabbatical, she organized morning and sunset yoga, practiced Balianese massage, and did taro card readings. Namste. 


Alicia Sparkman

Community Organizer

Alicia comes from a strong background in social work. After 2 years in the Peace Corp, stationed in Samar, Philippines, she longed to give more to the people who’d won her heart. Dryft provided an outlet to engage a community in need from an island paradise. She organized the Jr. Dryfters, an after-school program for the kids of Darocotan, developed the Dryft yoga program, and spread her infectious optimism. Salamat, Alicia!



A talented multi-media artist, Jordan brought a love of the outdoors, taking leave from his life as a Park Ranger to focus on his creative side. Whether it was making reptiles from recycled beer caps, weaving jungle spirits from rattan, or bringing to life his ultra-realistic sketches, Jordan's art and energy is a perfect example of what makes Dryft a magical place.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.12.43 PM.png

Why Support Dryft

Since Dryft’s founding, we’ve been on a mission to create a symbiotic corporate community partnership. 


We aim to harnesses the growing surge of tourism to El Nido in a sustainable and community conscious way.  We are seeking to be the new model of sustainable tourism that gives more than it takes from the land and the people who call it home.  

Our community have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. As our hotel has dealt with the tourism closure, we’ve been driven to achieve our goal. We're imagining a new form of tourism and community/corporate partnership, one that gives more than it takes to these islands and the people who call them home. 

DRYFT JAN2020-0009-2.jpg

The Village of Teneguiban

Teneguiban is a remote village of nearly 5,000 people in the north of El Nido, Palawan. Dryft was built through the hard work and craftsmanship of the Teneguiban locals.


While the village lack basic necessities such as consistent electricity, poor sanitation, and running water, they compensate with heart, disposition, and big smiles. 


Like many villages in the Philippines, Teneguiban has a local economy sustained predominantly by fishing. As the supply in the region becomes more scarce due to overfishing and climate change, the locals are confronting a new way of life. With a local minimum wage just more than $6 per day, life in the village is very much a day to day struggle. 

Help us on our mission. Together, we can create paradise with purpose.

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