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Dryft Darocotan Island is an eco-glamping camp in the north of El Nido, Palawan.


Dryft has quickly become one of the highest rated and most popular accommodations in El Nido. Designed by one of Palawan's most talented and celebrated artists, Nuno Finez, it embodies the tribal essence of the islands while utilizing recycled fishing nets and other treasure trash with a creative and sustainable edge. 


The Hives are a great example of the Dryft architectural artistry you can find on Darocotan.

Preview of Paradise

Welcome to Dryft

Celebrate Island Life


The Village of Teneguiban

Teneguiban is a remote village of nearly 5,000 people in the north of El Nido, Palawan. Dryft was built through the hard work and craftsmanship of the Teneguiban locals.


While the village lack basic necessities such as consistent electricity, poor sanitation, and running water, they compensate with heart, disposition, and big smiles. 


Like many villages in the Philippines, Teneguiban has a local economy sustained predominantly by fishing. As the supply in the region becomes more scarce due to overfishing and climate change, the locals are confronting a new way of life. With a local minimum wage just more than $6 per day, life in the village is very much a day to day struggle. 


Why Support Dryft

Since Dryft’s founding, we’ve been on a mission to create a symbiotic corporate community partnership. 


We aim to harnesses the growing surge of tourism to El Nido in a sustainable and community conscious way.  We are seeking to be the new model of sustainable tourism that gives more than it takes from the land and the people who call it home.  

DRYFT JAN2020-0009-2.jpg

Our community and company have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. As our hotel has been shuttered and we sit in quarantine, we’ve been driven to adjust our focus to achieve our goal of giving back to the community and the island that’s given us so much. 

Paradise with Purpose

We’ve developed a new model, allowing our guests to stay in paradise for a cause.


The negative impacts of tourism on a place like El Nido are undeniable. We aim to combat these challenges with a structure aimed to build the necessary social and sustainable infrastructure to support the growing demand. By staying at Dryft Camp, 50% of your reservation will go toward a cause of your choice, each making a positive impact on these islands and the ones who call them home. 

How it Works



a Cause


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Enjoy Paradise


Choose 1 of 3 Causes

50% of your reservation goes towards the cause of your choice


There is perhaps no cause that is more complex, or more important, than the protection of the delicate ecosystems of El Nido. Each project within the environmental cause will go towards offsetting the human impact on these islands, the ocean, and the air.



There’s a term in Tagalog, “bayanihan”, to describe the community spirit found throughout The Philippines 7,000 islands. It embodies the communal unity towards achieving a common goal. Together, we’ll harness bayanihan and work towards improving the island communities of El Nido.


Sustainable Infrastructure

A solid foundation is crucial for an underdeveloped community faced with rising tourism. The influx of human waste brings great strain on an already struggling system. Therefore, infrastructure for the village of Teneguiban is essential for us to achieve our goal of a truly sustainable tourism and community.



Choose Your Room

01. Glamping Tent

Simple and elegant, the bell tent is an excellent way to feel the basic elements of camping with added comfort. Each bell tent boasts ocean views from creatively crafted bamboo decks. Fall asleep with the sounds of the waves and wake up with birds of paradise.


Jungle views

Electric Fan


Shared Bathroom