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November 26 - December 2, 2023

yin + yang

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Daily sunrise & sunset yoga sessions with meditation & pranayama

Experience holistic healing of mind, body + spirit

Yoga Nidra: Unlock deep relaxation and inner peace


Full Moon Ritual & Intention Settings


Nurturing environment for personal growth and connections


Complimentary Traditional Filipino Hilot Massage


el nido island boat tour 

remote paradise island location with private beach

range of unique eco-lux accommodations to call home


Harmonizing the energies within: Embrace the Balance + Bliss!

Step into the realm of yin and yang, where the symphony of contrasting energies invites you to embrace the beauty of duality and embody the true harmony that resides within. This Yin + Yang Retreat is an immersive experience where the interplay of contrasting energies takes centre stage. Derived from ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent the fundamental forces of the universe, symbolizing the harmony that arises from the union of opposites. In the context of yoga, yin embodies the feminine, passive, and introspective qualities, while yang embodies the masculine, active, and dynamic aspects


This transformative journey invites you to explore the profound wisdom and balance that arise from embracing these opposing forces, and will nurture your body, mind and spirit with empowering practices both on and off the mat.


In this thoughtfully crafted retreat, we delve deep into the realms of yin and yang, empowering you to embody their transformative powers. Awaken your inner radiance as the sun rises, and immerse yourself in dynamic, energizing morning yoga sessions. Flow with intention and grace as you embrace the invigorating power of movement. Allow the practice to awaken your body, ignite your spirit, and infuse your day with vitality. Explore the harmonious dance of strength and flexibility, creating a solid foundation for your journey of self-discovery.


As the day unfolds, take time to replenish and rejuvenate. Indulge in tranquil moments of reflection, connect with fellow yogis, or explore the natural wonders that surround you. Nourish your body with wholesome meals that fuel your vitality and honour your well-being.

As the sun begins to descend, transition into the realm of tranquillity with deeply relaxing and stretchy evening classes. Release tension, surrender to the present moment, and restore your energy through gentle movements and restorative postures. Immerse yourself in the profound stillness of Yin Yoga, surrendering to its nurturing embrace. Experience the transformative power of Yoga Nidra, a practice that guides you to the threshold of consciousness and offers profound relaxation and rejuvenation.


Throughout the retreat, our experienced teachers, Jade & Gary, will guide you with empowering wisdom and compassionate support. They will provide expert guidance, encouraging you to explore the edges of your comfort zone while honouring your individual needs and limitations. Embrace the journey inward, unleashing your full potential and embracing the harmonious integration of Yin and Yang energies within.


Just as in life, balance extends beyond the mat. Beyond the transformative practices, you'll have the opportunity to bask in the wonders of the idyllic paradise islands of Palawan, Philippines. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of El Nido during an island hopping boat tour, where you'll witness nature's splendour unfold before your eyes. Indulge in the captivating melodies of the waves, the touch of the gentle sea breeze, and the vibrant hues of the sunset as it paints the sky with its ethereal palette.


Embrace the duality of Yin and Yang, finding unity within opposites and creating a harmonious symphony within your being. The Yin + Yang Retreat invites you to step into the realm of balance, where dynamic and restorative practices intertwine, nurturing your body, calming your mind, and uplifting your spirit. Rediscover the inherent equilibrium that resides within you, igniting a profound sense of well-being and empowerment and unlocking your fullest potential, on and off the mat.


November 26 - December 2, 2023

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7-night stay



lux tipi

$1595 (1 person - private)

$2120 (2 people - private)

$1780 (1 person - private)

$2310 (2 person - private)

$2400 (1 person - private)

$2940 (2 people - private)


  • 13.00PM: free shuttle from el nido

  • 14.00PM: arrival / check-in / welcome

  • PM - yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • AM: dynamic flow + pranayama + meditation

  • breakfast

  • free time: beach, massage, private tuition, etc.

  • lunch / snacks available to purchase, if required

  • free time: journal, siesta, snorkeling, kayak, SUP, relaxing in a hammock, etc.

  • PM: yin / yoga nidra

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • breakfast

  • island boat tour (6 hours) – includes lunch

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • PM: yin / yoga nidra


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • hugs & goodbyes

  • 10.50AM: check - out 

  • 11.00AM: free shuttle (boat & taxi) back to el nido 

what's included:

Woman doing yoga in a bamboo structure at DRYFT
yoga nidra with an eye pillow
Plate of chicken, rice, cucumbers, and locals greens
Boat with DRYFT guest arrivals on the sea of El Nido
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nathan Dumlao

daily yoga

3 meals per day

free beverages

yoga nidra

hilot massage

boat tour

faq & packing list

please take a look over some frequently asked questions before booking a retreat

take memories, leave footprints, and pack the essentials. a complete packing checklist for your DRYFT wellness retreat

Image by Ehmir Bautista
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