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September 16 - 23, 2023

dharma dive

Fly over of DRYFT camp showing the mothership bamboo structure

a highly personalized yoga experience

1:1 intention-based sessions with teacher

daily yoga sessions + meditation & pranayama

filipino hilot massage

el nido island boat tour

remote, unspoilt paradise w/ private beach

range of unique eco-lux accommodations to call home

optional paid bonus experiences

Rewriting your story with purpose, passion and pleasure!

Living a Life of Purpose – Dive into your Dharma Yoga Retreat.


Each of our lives paint a unique and individual story. A story that we each give our own meaning to. Dedicate a juicy and wonderful week of your life to discover what truly makes you happy. Surrender into the now and connect with your spirit to discover how to create your heaven on earth over this 8-day journey; leaving the island ready to spread your joy and love through the world.


Step into the warm turquoise water and your deepest, most colorful desires over this week-long dharma dive. Find stillness and universal truth through embodied experience as you connect with your authentic, highest self. Learn how to channel your unique skills and passions as a service to all living things while giving meaning and purpose to your journey. 


Learn to transmute pain into joy and alchemize all of your experiences for the betterment of yourself and the world around you. Grow to view life through the lens of gratitude and joy; come to know that you are perfect, not just in spite of your flaws, but because of them. Come to understand the unique masterpiece that you and your individual journey are, and step into flow state. 


Perfect for all skill types. Connect your mind, body, and spirit through a variety of physical yoga, breathwork, group, and individual activities. Explore cosmic law, manifestation, and how to create your own heaven on earth. 


September 16 - 23, 2023

dji_fly_20230209_095556_153_1675907780558_photo_optimized 2 (1).JPG

EARLYBIRD OFFER (10% off - book before July 28)


$1260 (1 person - private)

$1737 (2 people - private)


$1377 (1 person - private)

$1854 (2 person - private)

lux tipi

$1827 (1 person - private)

$2304 (2 people - private)

7-night stay



lux tipi

$1400 (1 person - private)

$1940 (2 people - private)

$1530 (1 person - private)

$2060 (2 person - private)

$2030 (1 person - private)

$2560 (2 people - private)


  • 13.00PM: free shuttle from el nido

  • 14.00PM: arrival / check-in / welcome

  • PM - yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • evening activities (vary throughout the week)


  • AM: yoga class and intention

  • journal prompts

  • breakfast

  • free time: play, explore, relax

  • afternoon group talks

  • lunch / snacks available to purchase, if required

  • free time – siesta, activities 

  • PM: yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • evening dharma dive

  • gratitude & reflection


  • breakfast

  • island boat tour (6 hours) – includes lunch

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • PM: yin / restorative yoga


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • hugs & goodbyes

  • 10.50AM: check - out 

  • 11.00AM: free shuttle (boat & taxi) back to el nido 

what's included:

Woman doing yoga in a bamboo structure at DRYFT
yoga nidra with an eye pillow
Plate of chicken, rice, cucumbers, and locals greens
Boat with DRYFT guest arrivals on the sea of El Nido
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nathan Dumlao

daily yoga

breakfast & dinner

free beverages

yoga nidra

hilot massage

boat tour

faq & packing list

please take a look over some frequently asked questions before booking a retreat.

take memories, leave footprints, and pack the essentials. a complete packing checklist for your DRYFT wellness retreat

Image by Ehmir Bautista
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