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return to nature + let your spirit DRYFT

With the backdrop of pristine shores, majestic palm trees, and awe-inspiring sunsets, DRYFT awaits you. We all yearn for that irresistible allure – a place where our spirits soar and our hearts find unwavering peace. As you set foot on our secluded retreat, feel a weightlessness descend upon your shoulders, your breath deepening with intention, and an invigorating sense of purpose igniting within.


Here, time bends to your desire, and the pulse of nature beats as one with your harmonious being.
Your odyssey begins here.

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Couple sitting on the shores of DRYFT Camp in El Nido
Two people in child's pose on yoga mats with incense burning in a bamboo structure at DRYFT Camp
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'revive + thrive'
yoga holidays

Join us from now until the end of June 2024 for our flexible Yoga Holiday package.

You choose which day you arrive and depart. You choose how long you stay with us. (minimum 2 nights)

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Immersed in the secluded embrace of Darocotan Island in the north of El Nido, Palawan - far from the clamor of the ordinary - DRYFT Camp beckons you to relinquish the chaos and immerse yourself in the untamed magnificence of island living. 


eco-sustainable retreat

At DRYFT, we're not just another hotel or eco-glamping camp. Since 2018, we have embodied the tribal essence of the Philippine islands while using recycled fishing nets and other treasure trash with a creative and sustainable edge. Our island will allow you to embrace the gentle ease that takes over us, when we ‘dryft’ effortlessly, willingly, into the natural rhythms of the island.

Your space to play, space to discover, space to let go.  

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be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore, and wake up with the birds of paradise with our bamboo beach homes.

we have a range of completely unique and luxuriously quirky accommodations for you to make your home during your yoga and wellness retreat.

Glamping Tent

Our beachfront glamping tents offer breathtaking ocean views and are only steps away from the water. With plush, queen-sized beds, the tents also have power to charge your devices and come equipped with a fan.

Perfect for solo travellers or couples.

Amenities: Queen bed | Electric fan | Ocean views | Shared bathrooms

we have a range of completely unique and luxuriously quirky accommodations for you to make your home during your yoga holiday. artistically constructed from locally sourced, natural materials, all rooms feature stunning ocean views, comfortable queen-sized beds, private balconies, and all the amenities you need to feel at home.


DRYFT’s twisted take on the traditional Filipino bamboo hut.


Perfectly sized for one or two people, with comfy queen bed, electric fan and the white sands of the beach as your front garden.

Amenities: Queen bed | Electric fan | Terrace | Ocean views | Shared bathrooms