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September 23 - 30, 2023

journey through the chakras

Pathway to the back of Darocotan island covered in green foliage on the sides of the walkway

embodiment practices & theory for each chakra 

traditional hilot massage

daily yoga sessions + meditation & pranayama led by experienced yoga teachers

el nido island boat tour

full moon bonfire ceremony

remote paradise island location with private beach

range of unique eco-lux accommodations to call home

optional paid bonus experiences

Transformative Yoga Retreat in Filipino paradise!

Embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery with this week-long chakra activation experience at DRYFT, an eco-sustainable retreat nestled on a small tropical island of Palawan, Philippines. Each day you’ll explore a different chakra and their connections to the five elements – earth, fire, water, air and ether – through energising and relaxing yoga classes, meditation and pranayama. Expect to learn the theory behind the ancient understanding of chakras as well as experience potent practices to feel into, and understand, your own energy.

Immersed in the stunningly beautiful, natural surroundings of Darocotan Island, you will stay in quirky, eco-lux accommodation and enjoy tastebud-tantalising, locally sourced food (including vegan and veggie options). There’ll be plenty of free time to unwind in a hammock, on the pristine, sandy beaches or in the crystal-clear waters. This will be a truly transformative experience, helping you to find more balance and a deeper sense of harmony within yourself.


Imagine waking up each morning to the soothing sounds of the ocean before heading to the tranquil bamboo shala for an invigorating morning vinyasa practice amongst the palm trees. After class, indulge in a mouth-watering breakfast before enjoying free time on the island to explore, relax or adventure. As the sun starts to think about setting, unwind with a gentle yin practice, complete with pranayama and meditation, to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

But this retreat is more than just an escape to paradise. Each day is focused on one of the seven chakras, allowing you to explore and embody the unique energy of each center. For instance, the first day dives into the root chakra (Muladhara) with grounding movements, contemplation on stability and roots, and meditation to tap into the earth element. Throughout the week, you'll delve into the philosophy of energetics and be immersed in practices that guide you through an authentic and transformative experience.

The intention of this retreat is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to reconnect with yourself as an energetic being, explore any imbalances, and find equilibrium in your energy systems. If you're seeking more individual guidance, you'll also have the chance to take part in additional workshops or private classes.


September 23 - 30, 2023

dji_fly_20230209_095556_153_1675907780558_photo_optimized 2 (1).JPG



$1050 (1 person - private)

$1455 (2 people - private)


$1148 (1 person - private)

$1545 (2 person - private)

lux tipi

$1523 (1 person - private)

$1920 (2 people - private)

7-night stay



lux tipi

$1400 (1 person - private)

$1940 (2 people - private)

$1530 (1 person - private)

$2060 (2 person - private)

$2030 (1 person - private)

$2560 (2 people - private)


  • 13.00PM: free shuttle from el nido

  • 14.00PM: arrival / check-in / welcome

  • PM - yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • AM: yoga class 

  • breakfast

  • free time: beach, massage, private tuition, etc.

  • lunch / snacks available to purchase, if required

  • free time: snorkeling, kayak, SUP, relaxing in a hammock, etc.

  • PM: yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • breakfast

  • island boat tour (6 hours) – includes lunch

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • PM: yin / restorative yoga


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • hugs & goodbyes

  • 10.50AM: check - out 

  • 11.00AM: free shuttle (boat & taxi) back to el nido 

what's included:

Woman doing yoga in a bamboo structure at DRYFT
yoga nidra with an eye pillow
Plate of chicken, rice, cucumbers, and locals greens
Boat with DRYFT guest arrivals on the sea of El Nido
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nathan Dumlao

daily yoga

breakfast & dinner

free beverages

yoga nidra

hilot massage

boat tour

faq & packing list

please take a look over some frequently asked questions before booking a retreat

take memories, leave footprints, and pack the essentials. a complete packing checklist for your DRYFT wellness retreat

Image by Ehmir Bautista
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