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October 7 - 14, 2023

nervous system reset


with Emily + Sian Lalita


daily yoga sessions + meditation & pranayama


ecstatic shaking workshop

adventure, exploration + connection with ourselves, each other and with nature


traditional hilot massage

el nido island boat tour 

remote paradise island location with private beach

range of unique eco-lux accommodations to call home


A happy nervous system is a happy YOU!

Escape the chaos of everyday life and find solace with our Nervous System Reset Retreat. Curated to bring your nervous system back to a rest and digest mode through nourishing practices, mindful movement and wholesome food, this retreat offers a sanctuary of healing nestled on our tiny paradise island in the Philippines. The island’s serene beauty serves as the backdrop for your journey, providing a tranquil environment that supports your healing from the inside out. Immerse yourself in this transformative retreat and give your nervous system the reset it deserves.


RECEIVE daily healing practices to rewire

NURTURE by immersing yourself in nature

NOURISH with organic, wholesome meals

RESTORE in the beauty of a paradise island

EMPOWER with tuning into your nervous system


Our Nervous System Reset Retreat is a weeklong immersive experience curated specifically to reset your nervous system. Through a series of meditative and contemplative practices, this retreat is carefully designed to help you ground yourself, slow down, and bring your nervous system back to a parasympathetic, ‘rest and digest’ mode. Our intention is to guide you towards deep rest, clarity, aliveness, and connection.


Mornings will begin with breathwork and a juicy flow, followed by a nourishing breakfast. After breakfast, you'll have free time to enjoy the island. In the evenings, we'll gather for a more restorative practice through which you will cultivate a deep sense of presence. During this retreat, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and restoration, focusing on resetting your nervous system for optimal well being. You will also have the opportunity to experience a beautiful ecstatic shaking workshop led by Siân, sometime during the week.


Join us for this transformative journey as we come together to reset your nervous system and forge connections with like-minded individuals. Through this immersive retreat, you will rediscover the power of deep rest, clarity and connection within yourself and the world around you.


October 7 - 14, 2023

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$1050 (1 person - private)

$1455 (2 people - private)


$1148 (1 person - private)

$1545 (2 person - private)

lux tipi

$1523 (1 person - private)

$1920 (2 people - private)

7-night stay 



lux tipi

$1400 (1 person - private)

$1940 (2 people - private)

$1530 (1 person - private)

$2060 (2 person - private)

$2030 (1 person - private)

$2560 (2 people - private)


  • 13.00PM: free shuttle from el nido

  • 14.00PM: arrival / check-in / welcome

  • PM - yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • free time: beach, massage, private tuition, etc.

  • lunch / snacks available to purchase, if required

  • free time: journal, siesta, snorkeling, kayak, SUP, relaxing in a hammock, etc.

  • PM: yoga / movement / dance / adventure

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • breakfast

  • island boat tour (6 hours) – includes lunch

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • PM: yin / restorative yoga


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • hugs & goodbyes

  • 10.50AM: check - out 

  • 11.00AM: free shuttle (boat & taxi) back to el nido 

what's included:

Woman doing yoga in a bamboo structure at DRYFT
yoga nidra with an eye pillow
Plate of chicken, rice, cucumbers, and locals greens
Boat with DRYFT guest arrivals on the sea of El Nido
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nathan Dumlao

daily yoga

breakfast & dinner

free beverages

yoga nidra

hilot massage

boat tour

faq & packing list

please take a look over some frequently asked questions before booking a retreat

take memories, leave footprints, and pack the essentials. a complete packing checklist for your DRYFT wellness retreat

Image by Ehmir Bautista
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