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NOVEMBER 4 - 11, 2023

seven souls

Batara Gat Baya 2_edited.jpg

Awaken Your Spirit, Embrace Your Purpose.
Connect | Cleanse | Celebrate

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner connection with the Seven Souls Retreat. Led by our experienced DRYFT yoga teachers and the renowned traditional Filipino Spiritual Healer and Mediator, Batara Gat Bayat, this highly unique retreat combines the ancient practices of yoga and Filipino spirituality. Through a harmonious blend of yoga, meditation, and sacred practices, we invite you to delve into the depths of your being, exploring the interplay between body, mind, and spirit.


During this enlightening retreat, each day begins with invigorating morning yoga classes led by our skilled DRYFT yoga teachers. Dive into the fluid movements and embrace the harmony of body and breath as you awaken your spirit.


In the afternoons, we embark on a soul-nurturing journey led by Batara. For the first three days, immerse yourself in the transformative ‘Hayahay’ meditation workshops. Soundtracked with traditional flute and percussion, these unique meditations guide you through a profound body awareness practice centered around the seven major "kaluluwa" (souls) and the corresponding body parts they relate to – head, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, hands, and feet. Experience the power of this ancient Filipino practice as you reconnect with your innermost self on a deep, soulful level.


Silence becomes your companion during our retreat, with dedicated periods of reflection from after dinner or the evening activity until after breakfast the following morning. Allow the stillness to envelop you, providing a sacred space for inner contemplation and self-discovery.


As with all DRYFT retreats, we have planned a remarkable El Nido island hopping boat tour on Wednesday. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding nature, where the land meets the sea, creating a tapestry of wonder and serenity.


Experience the profound ritual of the cleansing 'Panaboy-taboy' ceremony on Thursday, where we come together to release what no longer serves us and invite in fresh energies and intentions. Allow the transformative power of this ancient practice to envelop you as Batara expertly sweeps away all negativities and unwanted influences, purifying the space and restoring balance within yourself. This sacred practice is a gateway to renewed clarity, positivity, and profound transformation.


Finally, our retreat concludes with a joyous celebratory ‘Sayaw ng Diwa’ (Dance of the Soul) ceremony, a vibrant expression of gratitude and empowerment. Throughout Batara's uniquely special sessions, his traditional Filipino flute and percussions will resonate, infusing the space with captivating melodies, while the aroma of traditional Filipino incense fills the air, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere.


As an additional offering included within this week experience, Batara is available for you to have a personal 1-to-1 ‘Gabaybayin’ session. Through traditional Filipino scripts similar to runes, he will divine personalized messages meant for you, providing you with insightful guidance and support on your unique journey.

This is no ordinary retreat; it is an extraordinary passage to the depths of your spirit – a sacred pilgrimage to rediscover the essence of who you truly are. Reconnect with your body, awaken your spirit, and embrace your purpose as you explore the profound synergy between yoga and Filipino spirituality. Allow the sacred wisdom of ancient practices to illuminate your path and unlock the boundless potential within you.



NOVEMBER 4 - 11, 2023


experience deeply healing, traditional Filipino spiritual practices

daily sunrise & sunset yoga sessions with meditation & pranayama

nurturing environment for personal growth and connections


nourishing moments of silence + stillness


personal 1-to-1 ‘Gabaybayin’ session

filipino hilot massage

el nido island
 hopping boat tour

remote, unspoilt paradise w/ private beach

range of unique eco-lux accommodations to call home

optional paid bonus experiences

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EARLYBIRD OFFER (10% off - book before July 28)


$1525 (1 person - private)

$2093 (2 people - private)


$1697 (1 person - private)

$2264 (2 person - private)

lux tipi

$2259 (1 person - private)

$2826 (2 people - private)

7-night stay


$1695 (1 person - private)

$2325 (2 people - private)


$1885 (1 person - private)

$2515 (2 person - private)

lux tipi

$2510 (1 person - private)

$3140 (2 people - private)


  • 13.00PM: free shuttle from el nido town

  • 14.00PM: arrival / check-in / welcome

  • PM - yoga class

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner


  • intention setting

  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast / silence ends

  • free time: beach,  massage, private 'Gabaybayin' readings, etc.

  • lunch / snacks available to purchase, if required

  • free time: snorkeling, kayak, SUP, relaxing in a hammock, etc.

  • PM: guided spiritual meditations,  ceremonies, rituals

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • silence (on some evenings)

BOAT TOUR DAY(Wednesday)

  • breakfast

  • island boat tour (6 hours) – includes lunch

  • sunset on the beach

  • dinner

  • PM: yoga nidra


  • AM: yoga class

  • breakfast

  • hugs & goodbyes

  • 10.50AM: check - out 

  • 11.00AM: free shuttle (boat & taxi) back to el nido town 

what's included:

Woman doing yoga in a bamboo structure at DRYFT
yoga nidra with an eye pillow
Plate of chicken, rice, cucumbers, and locals greens
Boat with DRYFT guest arrivals on the sea of El Nido
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nathan Dumlao

daily yoga

breakfast & dinner

free beverages

yoga nidra

hilot massage

boat tour

faq & packing list

please take a look over some frequently asked questions before booking a retreat

take memories, leave footprints, and pack the essentials. a complete packing checklist for your DRYFT wellness retreat

Image by Ehmir Bautista
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