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Breathing Plus

join us for an unforgettable 7 night exclusive island retreat

breathe, move, connect + learn

with Dr. Peter Litchfield, Martin McPhilimey, Marilyn Deguire, Ollie Frost and more!

23rd - 30th September 2024

breathing science

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sleep science


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movement + yoga

nervous system

dryft retreat 

a journey of wellbeing

23 - 30 September 2024

DRYFT is delighted to partner with Breathing+Plus for this once-in-a-lifetime retreat experience. Join us as we host world-renowned experts who will guide you through an immersive and experiential journey into wellbeing.


This is your invitation to connect, feel, and grow within the raw natural beauty of our island surroundings, held in a safe and nurturing environment. Through the lenses of present moment awareness, breath, body, and nature, discover new levels of wellness and vitality.

Join us and discover the perfect blend of experiential learning, relaxation and connection to self and others

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Together, we'll deepen our intellectual knowledge of how the breath, sleep, movement and nervous system interact and impact our experience of life in each moment.


We'll develop an embodied felt sense of how to navigate naturally through our human states of being.

your journey includes...

...learned knowledge and experiences that are yours to take with you wherever you go

Personal Breathing Assessments

Advanced Capnography testing to help us and you understand your base respiratory levels. 

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions

Experience a series of progressively deeper transformative breathing sessions.

Functional Breathing Coaching

Functional Breathing Coaching

Be guided through functional breathing practices to optimise your human performance & well-being.

Functional Movement Practices

Functional Movement Practices

Explore functional movement practices to support overall strength & mobility in life.


...stepping off a boat onto these sandy shores
for a truly unforgettable filipino welcome
and 7 days in paradise

together, we'll explore and experience...


filipino blessings

Our opening ceremony will be led by Batara Gat Baya, a traditional Filipino healer and mediator of the spiritual and physical worlds. A beautiful welcome to the island and an opportunity to connect with its traditions.

Batara will also be available for personalised 1:1 sessions throughout the week.

breathing science

We'll dive deep into the science behind our breathing, exploring the differences between respiration and ventilation, understanding what's going on biochemically, biomechanically and psychophysiologically


You'll also experience a personalised capnography session to test your baseline CO2 levels prior to any other breathwork activities.  

Movement + Mindfulness

movement + mindfulness

We'll explore the very simple act of movement but in a more embodied, connected and playful way, keeping our bodies and minds young.

Mindful awareness enables us to be in the moment with a sense of calm and alertness, all while paying purposeful attention. Mindfulness regulates your nervous system by flushing out stress hormones creating balance in body and mind.


nervous system mastery + flow states

This is something that we're never told that we can learn to regulate - but by doing so, we can alter our experience of life. We'll learn how to use many different 'levers' to shift our state. 

We'll explore 'flow'... described as "when you are deeply immersed in an activity." It’s the secret to happiness, according to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who coined the concept.

Sleep Science

sleep science

Exploring the science of sleep, we'll begin to understand how this, along with our breath, impacts our ability to focus, concentrate and perform.


Gain valuable insights into how we can improve and optimise our sleep patterns.

Circular Breathing

circular breathing

Through circular breathing and the practice of Vivation, we'll experience the power of our breath and the expansiveness of our body, discovering what it means to integrate our feelings in the present moment and to meet life with less resistance and judgement.



What does it mean to embody something?


We'll explore the feeling of embodiment through each one of our experiences over these 7 days and move towards a fuller, richer more authentic experience of life.


traditional filipino massage

Receive a 60-minute full body massage to promote deep restoration, release tension and relax fully

This holistic healing practice has been passed down through the generations in the Philippines.

DRYFT Darocotan Island - shipwreck

excursions + exploration

Exploring and experiencing the uncertain and unknown stimulates growth, enjoyment and connection. 


Throughout the week, we will be taking plenty of time to see what our magical island has to offer.

...and so much more!

Hosts & Guides

your hosts & guides
for this once-in-a-lifetime experience


Choose from our range of quirky, eco-lux accommodations